Informed consent

Prophylaxis Procedure without Anesthesia

I authorize PUPPIES PET BY CAROLINA FAJARDO, and whoever it designates, to perform the prophylaxis procedure without anesthesia to the aforementioned patient, this as a preventive method aimed at improving and/or maintaining good oral health.

Likewise, I hereby record and irrevocably accept that they have been explained to me and I am aware of the risks to the life of the animal that undergoing this procedure, the expected results, the possible complications, as well as eventual sequelae derived from healthy oral practice. To submit to the indications and practices that the person in charge of the shift considers convenient for the well-being of the pet. To free the veterinary doctor and the veterinary assistant acting in the aforementioned practice. To remove the animal and its belongings in the times estimated by the acting professional.

I certify that I have read and understood this authorization, giving my consent.