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In puppies we continue to grow more and more every day, that is why we are doing all the corresponding legal procedures to create our company in the United States and in this way be able to offer the service permanently as it is offered in Colombia.

For now Puppies goes every 6 months to the United States to cities like Miami, New York and New Jersey. Normally we stay for two weeks and we go with the agenda ready before the trip, the clients separate their quota with a deposit and the remaining value is canceled on the day of the appointment. For the city of Miami we go in the month of May and November of each year, to New York and New Jersey we go in the month of April and October of each year, thus complying with the necessary time to repeat the procedure.

But it does not only apply to our company

If you have yours, regardless of what the American market is dedicated to, it is a great option for growth.

Why open a company in the United States?

Compared to other countries, in the US there is no minimum capital required to set up a company, an advantage that is even greater if the entrepreneur opts for the Limited Liability Company (LLC) modality, which, for example, in Spain would be equivalent to the Sociedad Limitada (SL) and in the United Kingdom, to the LTD.

LLCs are one of the most popular company forms in the country, since they combine the limited liability of its members against business obligations with advantageous tax conditions and simplicity in administrative procedures. All this without mentioning that the owners of the LLC may not reside in the United States.

Advantages of creating a business in the US

If you have the idea of ​​doing business with partners or companies located in the USA, the best option will be to set up your own company in the country. And the fact is that, although we insist on denying it, owning an American firm is a great letter of introduction that will open more doors for us than if it were located elsewhere.

Let’s see, then, what are the advantages of opening an LLC in the United States:

The Florida case

If there is a particularly attractive place to start a business in the United States, that would be Florida and, especially, the city of Miami. However, we must not forget the states of Nevada and Delaware, also very popular for setting up companies due to their tax advantages for entrepreneurs.

In the case of Florida, its main claims are the possibility of creating a company in just a few days and its lower tax burden. At this point, it is necessary to refer to the tax system in the United States, which, among others, can be federal (the same throughout the country) or state (each state establishes its own). Well, Florida is one of the few states in the country that does not charge the so-called income tax, a federal tax that would be like the IRPF in Spain.

Apart from these Two benefits of undertaking in Florida, it should be noted that, for example, in Miami most of its inhabitants speak Spanish so, although English is so important in the business world, it would not be so essential. In addition, this southern city is considered the ‘Gateway to the Americas’, that is, it provides access to both the US and Latin American markets.

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Puppies International

In puppies we continue to grow more and more every day, that is why we are doing all the corresponding legal procedures to create our